Saturday, 8 October 2011

Tuesday 4th October 2011 - Saturday 8th October 2011

Market Rasen Racecourse, Affilliated Caravan Club Site (continued).

Tuesday, the plan is to walk into Market Rasen, visit the market (what joy), and then catch the bus to Lincoln.

The market is a disappointment, even to me. There is a burger van, a stall selling plants and a stall selling various secondhand stuff, which frankly was only fit to be thrown away.

Having exhausted the possibilities of the market, in about five minutes, we now had 55 minutes to wait for the bus. But much to our surprise a bus arrives almost immediately, indeed we have to hurry across the road to catch it.

There are four possibilities, the bus is very late, it is very early, our timetable is wrong, it is a different bus. No matter, we are on our way.

Lincoln is a pleasant surprise, a sort of smaller and hilly version of York.

This is the centre piece of the shopping centre, the River Witham, and more swans than I even remember seeing in one place.

A quick coffee, and in my case a slice of carrot and walnut cake to revive us, and we set off to see the cathedral.

Given thant Lincolnshire is such a flat place, it is surprising to find that the the Castle and Cathedral in Lincoln are at the top of a hill. Indeed the road leading up to the Cathedral is imaginatively called "Steep Hill".

We stop off part way up the hill, partly for a rest and partly for a bit of culture at the Usher Gallery, the rest is the main factor. 

It is a very impressive Cathedral, vast inside, and light and cheerful.

The weather is pleasant and we wander the grounds of the Cathedral and Castle until thirst drives us to a rather nice pub on Steep Hill.

Then on further down the hill, to eat an allday breakfast in a small cafe next door to the Jews Court. Excellent sausage and black pudding!, not health food, but very nice.

Now a period of shopping, quite why women wish to visit Marks & Spencer in (say) Lincoln, when we have a perfectly good Marks & Spencer in Newcastle, selling exactly the same things, is beyond me, but in the interests of peace and harmony, we stroll around the shops.

Wednesday, the plan is to do a walk featured in the May 2009 edition of Practical Motorhome.

The walk is supposed to be 7.5 miles long, it begins from Willingham Woods car park, about 1.5 miles from the racecourse where we are staying.

We reach find the carpark, and the path leading into the woods. At this point I switch on the Runkeeper software on my iPhone, to track how far we walk.

We soon find that the instructions are inadequate, even although we have the relevant OS map with us. The walk through the woods with the trees all in their autumn colours is beautiful, but we have to back track and improvise to keep heading in the intended direction.

Eventually we emerge from the woods onto the B1203, Tealby Road, and turn left as directed. We then come to "The Populars", farm and tea room. At this point we have walked 6 miles, the total walk is only supposed to be 7.5 miles and we have not even come to the second of six "points of interest" yet!

We pause at the tea room for refreshments, and to reconsider our plan.

Instead of following the instructions we use the OS Map to guide us through the next wooded area, to emerge on the A46, and then make our way back to Market Rasen. A pause at the pub, and then back to the campsite.

We have done 11.5 miles excluding the walk to the start point!

Thursday, is my birthday. I am instructed by kathleen to lie in bed, whilst she makes breakfast. Perhaps this is going to be a good day?

After a late breakfast we take the bus to Lincoln. It has become a tradition that on my birthday, Kathleen treats herself to something or other, usually new clothes. But today, try as she might she cannot find anything she likes. Eventually, we return to the pub we visited on Tuesday, "Widow Cullens Well", on Steep Hill, and have a very enjoyable lunch, with copious amounts of wine.

Friday, the weather is becomming more "seasonal", ie it is bright and sunny, but definately cool. In the morning we take the OS map and do a 5 mile walk through the Lincolnshire countryside. After lunch, we cycle for 6 miles. It is necessary to do some exercise to work off the excesses of yesterday.

In the evening, Kathleen gets very artistic with the sunset. 

We have never been TV watchers during our campervan trips, partly because we do take a TV with us in the van.

But I did "invest" in a USB Digital TV Receiver, which with the aid of a £6 ariel (from Wilkinsons) we find converts the laptop into a very acceptable TV. So Friday evening will be home from home for kathleen at least, ie an evening of TV watching!

Saturday, home again.

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