Wednesday, 25 April 2012

23/04/2012 - 25/04/2012

 Kathleen is given the all clear by the Doctor, so tomorrow, we will be off on our long delayed trip.

Allanson Hall Farm, Adlington, Chorley

This is a Caravan Club Certified location, ie a small 5 van site.

The site is pleasant and right alongside the Leeds - Liverpool Canal, which means plenty of walking and cycling possibilities.

We spend the afternoon, walking along the canal.

The towpath, is on the opposite side of the canal to the CL, but there is a quaint stone bridge, just a few yards along the road. On the left is the view from the bridge.

Soon, we come upon this mother duck, with her brood of ducklings, out for their afternoon excursion.

I think there are 13 ducklings, but the whizzed about so quickly, they were difficult to count, so I could be wrong!

 The down sides are:
  • apart from Electric Hook up, the facilities are minimal.
  • the village is somewhat limited.
The White Bear advertises food, lunch time and evening, the menu looks promising, honest "pub food", but the interior has seen better days.

The Spinners Arms looks more upmarket, but does not do food in the evening.

We end up with a take away from the "Village Chippy", not an experience I intend to repeat.

Canals (in the UK anyway), seldom conjure up a pleasant image, but as you can see on the left, this is certainly a very pleasant spot to have  a house, with the garden comming right down to the canal.

I manage to get the TV working, using the Digital Aerial, so no need to tangle with the Satellite dish. This allows Kathleen to get her fix of the Soaps.

It is a beautiful evening, sunny, blue sky with a few "cotton wool" clouds, but the weather forecast (one advantage of the TV, you can see the News and Weather), for tomorrow looks dreadful, a big low pressure area sweeping in from the Atlantic, bringing with it torrential rain. It is hard to believe, sitting here in the sun, but we will see in the morning, let us just hope they are wrong.

Well, they were not wrong!, Wednesday, we have a day of wind driven downpours. Definately not a day for cycling or walking along the canal. We take the bus into Chorley, apart from a reasonable coffee shop, which served good soup with crusty bread (for lunch), not really a memorable trip, got soaked walking back from the bus stop to the van.

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