Sunday, 11 September 2011

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

Hargill House Caravan Club Site, Richmond

Since we returned from our annual trip to Europe, I have been engaged in learning to ride a motorcycle (don't ask, another one of my mad ideas). I have not been doing that 24/7 of course, but a weekly lesson together with other domestic chores was enough to prevent us from "getting away", in the campervan.

Today, we made the short journey (only about 50 miles) to Hargill House Caravan Club Site, near Richmond in North Yorkshire.

The site is the usual high standard we expect of the Caravan Club. It is located just off the A66, about 1 mile from the village of Gilling West.

Today being Sunday, we walked into Gilling West, and enjoyed a fabulous Sunday Lunch in "The White Swan" pub. It is an easy walk there, down a long hill, but of course that means up hill on the way back. A combination of a substantial Sunday Lunch, plus copious amounts of wine, and the walk up the hill, means that the rest of the afternoon was spent in a haze, dozing in the van. How decadent.

The weather is how can I say, doubtful.

The UK is in the path of the death throes of the recent hurricane which swept north up the coast of the USA, and is now blowing itself out as it tracks west across the Atlantic, so we have a windy day, with the odd shower. 

My camera and photographic skills fail to show it adequately, but the wild clouds are quite fitting for the Yorkshire landscape. Hopefully we will be bathed in sunshine tomorrow, fitting or not!

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