Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Monday, 12th September 2011 - Wednesday 14th September 2011

Hargill House Caravan Club Site, Richmond (continued)

The plan today was to go into Richmond, only about 3.5 miles away, but the wind is so fierce, we have stayed in the van and read books!

Just to cheer me up, I spot that we have a puncture!, the rear passenger side van tyre is flat. There is no way I am going to attempt to jack the van up and change a wheel in this wind. We are not planning on going anywhere, so it can wait. We are having a run of bad luck with punctures, this is the second one this year!

Tuesday. The wind has dropped, and it is dry.

After breakfast, I change the wheel. There is a nail in the punctured tyre, so that will have to be fixed when we get home. In true cravan site style, our next door neighbour begins talking to me whilst I am working at changing the wheel. Another of life's coincidences is revealed, when I find that he used to visit Pyrotenax (where I once worked), and knew several people who I remembered from there. Most notably, Carol and Brian Burnett. Carol, is the cousin of my sister-in-law, Linda. Small world and all that.

We decide to take the bus to Richmond.

There is no visible bus-stop, but we are assured, by the site warden, that if we wait near the telephone box, the bus will stop for us (unofficially).

As we wait, it begins to rain, so Kathleen uses the telephone box as a bus shelter.

The bus arrives, a little late, but better late than never, and sure enough the driver stops and picks us up. There are already three people on the bus, plus a bus company employee, whose role, other than being part of the conversation, is unclear. It is clearly a very friendly bus route, each passemger who is picked up is addressed by their first name, and they in turn all know the driver's name. The route appears to be somewhat fluid as people are picked up and dropped off as required, rather than at set bus stops.

Richmond is pleasant place.

We amuse ourselves with a wandered around the town, visiting the occasional shop.

A walk around the castle. A stop for coffee and cream scones, plus a visit to the pub.

There is a market here, but not today, what a shame.

The weather is not brilliant, with showers, but, by luck we contrive to be indoors during each downpour.

The journey back on the bus is same informal affair we experienced on the way here. The departure from Richmond is even slightly delayed to wait for someone who is joining from another bus, which is running late.

We even meet the two old ladies who were on the bus when we joined it this morning, and are greeted like old friends!

Wednesday, the wind has dropped, the sun is out, the sky is blue.

We catch the bus to Richmond again, with the intention of taking a walk along the river, and treating ourselves to lunch.

The bus is almost full!

There is a company employee on board doing a survey on how frequently used the service is, and how happy (or otherwise), passengers are with it. I think the jungle drums must have alerted everyone to travel today, on the basis of "use it or lose it".

We find the walk along the river, it is a sort of circular walk.

It begins easily enough, along the river bank, but at the point where it turns to make the return, there are 231 steps up the steep valley side. Good exercise for the thighs and knees!

The return is along a ridge at the top of the gorge formed by the river.

I forgot to switch on my "Runkeeper" software, so I am not sure how far we walked, judging from the time taken, (ie 2 hours), I would estimate 6 miles.

Back in Richmond we seek out the "Bishop Blaise" pub, at the market square and have a very enjoyable lunch. We both choose Steak and Ale Pie. Mine is absolutely fine, but Kathleen complains that hers had a shortage of Steak. The manager gives us a dessert each to compensate.

We have a little time left before we catch the bus, Kathleen cannot resist a trip into the Alladins Cave which is the Yorkshire trading Company Shop, a sort of inexpensive Lakeland.

I resist this treat and buy a newspaper, plus checking out the offerings of various bakery shops.

When we board the bus, we find one of the elderly ladies from yesterday is onboard. We are greeted like long lost friends. We learn she had to return to Richmond to visit the dentist, since the crown on one of her teeth had come off.

What a friendly place this is!

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