Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Saturday 11th June 2011 - Monday 13th June 2011

Henley-on-Thames, Caravan Club - Four Oaks Site, Continued

Saturday we have to collect our hire car.

The hire company have sent a taxi to collect us, at their expense. I am only paying £45 to hire the car for 2 days, and they pay for a taxi to come 8 miles to pick us up. I am not sure I understand the economics of that!

The taxi is alarmingly late. It turns out, the taxi driver, is a law student, working as a taxi driver to pay his way through college. He is most apologetic for being late, and tells us this is his first pick up in Henley, and he had gone to the wrong caravan site.

He is thoroughly entertaining, and my concern at being late soon evaporates.

We collect the car no problem. But finding our way out of reading with no sat-nav is not easy. How on earth we will find our way back to hand the car in, remains to me seen!

We spend the evening with Gary, Susana, Gabriel, the god parents, and family.

Our return journey is somewhat fraught.

It took us 30 minutes to get to Windsor.

On the return trip, they have closed the A404M for overnight roadworks.

Kathleen has to read the map in the dark. We have a one hour tour of the countryside (in the dark) around Henley, but eventually we find the site.

Sunday, it is back to Windsor for the Christening.

Although the weather is not kind, we have a thoroughly enjoyable day.

Gabriel and the other children there, are impeccably behaved, and all goes smoothly.

Gabriel's Mexican godparents execute their role perfectly, even being called upon to do the readings in English, does not put them off their stride.

It is a barbeque afterwards at Windsor racecourse, thankfully, given that it rains none stop, they are prepared for the British weather, and the proceedings are in a Marquee, out of the rain.

We had intended to stay at Henley-on-Thames until Tuesday morning, but Monday dawns grey and wet. So we decide that after returning the hire car, we will go home.

Our concern at finding our way through the traffic snarled Reading prove groundless, with the help of Google Maps, we get there with only one minor hiccup, (for the record, I was right, it was the first exit off A329M to Oxford Road, not the second).

If you want to hire a car, based on this experience, I can recommend Enterprise Car Hire, only £45 for two days, including damage waiver, and they picked us up and dropped us off, back at the site, all included in the £45!

So back home again, where to next time?

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