Saturday, 10 April 2010

Packing (10 April 2010)

We are packing for another European trip.

We do not really do plans, but the plan as far as it goes is, south through France to Biarritz, then diagonally across Spain to the Costa Brava, linger there for a few weeks in the sun (hopefully), visit Barcelona. Then meander north again, probably to Annecy, then into Germany.

The packing has reached fever pitch today. One little event to share with you, an object lesson in understanding women (will anyone ever manage that?).

We have recently bought two folding sun loungers to take with us on our trip.

This morning, Kathleen was packing them into the van. She asked me "shall we take two sun loungers, or one sun lounger and one foot rest, because you probably will not use your sun lounger?". I pondered this strange question for a while and answered "no, take the two sun loungers, I am sure I will use one to lie on whilst reading my book". A certain look flitted across her face, no words were spoken, but I knew straight away - wrong answer.

I back peddled, "but, if you prefer to take one foot rest, and one sun lounger, then OK, do that" (both for her of course, but I have more sense than to say that). 

"OK", she agreed, and loaded up one of each. 

My question is, why ask the loaded question?, why not just cut to the chase and say "you never use a sun lounger or a foot rest, so I am just going to take one of each for myself". Women's logic I suppose.

Camera, charger and USB lead to connect to computer are all packed, so there should be photographs this time, provided we remember to take it with us when we go out for the day.

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