Tuesday, 20 April 2010

20th April 2010

Looks as if the rain may have gone, sun is shining, with broken cloud, when we wake.

Today is major hair day, it is the full works, washing, straightening, conditioning etc etc, so that will take up most of the morning.

At least the teabags seem to have been forgotten about

By 10:30 the hairdressing is over, and is followed by a musical recital, in the course of which Kathleen makes the acquaintance of some of our neighbours, a couple from Northern Ireland, who are planning to walk into Pamplona today, and get the bus back.

There are bus stops, but we did not see a single bus when we cycled into Pamplona yesterday, so I don not really fancy their chances of getting a bus.

As of 20:45 they have not returned, so I suspect they are walking both ways!

Later (shortly before lunch) we go for a walk, (would have been a cycle ride, but the cycle helmet would mess up the hair).

We walk in the opposite direction to Pamplona, along a very well kept cycle / walking track. I think this must be part of the Pilgrim Route to Santiago de Compestela, since it is so well looked after.

As you can see Kathleen is striding out ahead.

The countryside here is not the barren, parched landscape of southern Spain, it green and planted with various crops, potatoes, maize, beans etc, etc. This much greenery of course must mean it rains here more often than in the south.

After about 2Km we come to a very pretty small village, which does not appear to have a name, just a bridge, and two bars, not even a shop as far as we can see.

When we get back to the van, we find that both English couples we spoke to yesterday have left, along with two Dutch couples, was it something we said?

It is very hot in the afternoon, we have to put the awning up to have some shade.

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  1. stage 1 of operation teabag is underway - over to Joan and Brian now for stage 2.......