Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Saturday 20th June 2009 - Thursday 25th June 2009

International du Lac d’Annecy, St Jorioz nr Annecy (ACSI2009-1089) N45.83077 E6.17837

Occasionally, you see Campervans, or Caravans arrive at a site very early in the morning, ie before 09:30. I have often wondered how they achieve this, have they driven all night? Now I understand how, their partners (wives) have fallen out with the site next door, and they have moved 200 yards down the road. So it is that we arrive at this site, and as I am busy connecting up the electricity, an English man arrives and asks me, “how did you get here so early, have you driven all night?”…..

Joking aside, I have to say Kathleen was right (isn’t she always?), this site is much better, and it is 4Euro a night cheaper, so if you come this way, this is the one to choose. It even has wifi at your van, although on our arrival it is not working.

Once settled (again), we set off along the cycle track south towards Albertville. We do not make it all of the way there, but we get to Faverges, which at 11miles is about half way there. So we have a round trip of 22 miles, before returning for lunch. We also find a third church about 2miles away, which has mass Saturday 18:30. For lunch I eat the remainder of the garlic sausage I bought, since Kathleen is beginning to complain that it is trying to fight its’ way out of the fridge.

Sunday 21st dawns bright and sunny, the thunderstorms of the last two days appear to have gone (fingers crossed). In the UK, it is Fathers Day, uncharacteristically Kathleen is out of bed first. I think perhaps I am going to get looked after for the day?. It was a false alarm.

We cycle into Annecy, about six miles away. There are whole families, young and old, out in the sun, either cycling or skating on roller blades along the cycle track in both directions.

It makes you realise that the man who invented lycra (cycling shorts for women) should have a knighthood.

We have a good wander around Annecy (the old medieval town), there is a huge market going on, mostly food, and it is very busy, and have an excellent lunch by the Palais d’Isle. Then retire back to the campsite, where I am treated to an icecream and a superb coffee by Kathleen, before idling away the rest of the afternoon lying in the sun, followed by loosing at Petang (French boules) to Kathleen.

Monday is a “housework” day, ie do some washing, tidy the van etc, with the afternoon spent in the pool.

On Tuesday, we (I) prepare a picnic, and set off on our bikes. The stated aim is to go to Annecy and enjoy the park beside the lake. However I have a secret agenda which is to cycle around the lake (25 miles according to my estimates), Kathleen of course using her womens intuition, is aware of my secret agenda. We cycle into Annecy (six miles), then continue through the park and around the top of the lake. We get to the end of the cycle track (9 miles). So far it has been reasonably flat, now it begins to be a lot more undulating, as we weave through ancient small villages on the “quiet” side of the lake, then climb a long slow hill after Menthon Saint-Bernard. So far so good, no complaints. Then a steep hill down into Talloires. I know I am home and dry now, there is no way we are going to cycle back up the hill, so the only option is ahead. We stop for our picnic by the lake. Kathleen points out that she knew all of the time that I would attempt to get her to cycle around the lake. We are now at 15 miles, and sitting looking across the lake at Duingt. After our lunch we cycle the rest of the way along the lake, and on to Doussard, then rejoin the cycle track to head back along the other side towards Saint-Jorioz where we started. We stop off for coffee and a beer.

When we get back, my estimate of 25 miles turns out to be surprisingly accurate at 24.85 miles on our “cyclemeters”. Kathleen says she feels she could do another 10 miles, but declines to join me, as I continue on to the supermarket, to buy coffee, cakes and chocolate as a treat to us for completing what is to be part of the Tour de France on 23rd July 2009 (well almost, we missed out the climb upto the chateau at Bluffy).

Wednesday is hair washing day, so as usual Kathleen does not want to ruffle her hair when she has just washed it. In the morning I cycle south along the lake past Dousard. It is really hot and sunny today (27C), so most of the rest of the day is spent lying around. Out of curiosity we both check our blood pressure, mine is 117/68 and Kathleen 119/71, wonder if we can get a prescription for a ferry crossing and say a months campsite fees, instead of BP tablets? After our evening meal, we go out for another ten mile ride, Kathleen feels she has done nothing all day, except eat cakes (which I bought), so needs some exercise.

Thursday is to be our last day here, a week from today, we are scheduled to be on the ferry back to the UK. We have a final cycle ride into Annecy, then along the river which flows out of the lake through Annecy. This brings Kathleens total cycling for the week to 98 miles, why not do another two miles to make the round 100 you might ask. In the evening we have a drink with a very nice English couple (John and Linda, from Cheshire), who we first met on the previous site, and subsequently they came here.

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