Friday, 19 June 2009

Friday 19th June 2009

Europa, St Jorioz nr Annecy (ACSI2009-1088) N45.830009 E6.18169

The good news is that we get through the height barrier exactly as the French guy explained to me, we would. Although Kathleen spent the 5km of the hill gripping her seat, the only problem we had was adistinct smell of burning disk brakes by the time we reached the bottom.

No problems finding our way here.

So you are thinking, what went wrong?. Well, when we got to the site, they told Kathleen that the only pitches they had left were so called “comfort” pitches. They each have individual water supply (ie tap) and waste disposal point, but they cost 4Euro extra, per night, thus increasing our cost to 19Euro per night.

The boss is not happy about this. I try to point out that say 6 nights at 4Euro is only 24Euro extra, so given that we have been away for about 12 weeks, this is neither here nor there. But, no it is niggling away at her. So we cycle to the next site along the lake (only about 200metres), and we will be moving there tomorrow.

Eventually we have run out of luck with the weather too, we have not had any rain for weeks, last was at Colle-sur-Loop, but last night we had a thunderstorm, and today it has has continued to thunder and rain on and off.

But Lake Annecy is beautiful, pity I cannot download any photographs.

Sunday is approaching, so we have done the other essential chore, ie we have found the church!, there is a choice of two, one about a mile away (09:30 Sunday), and one about three miles away (11:00 Sunday).

We have bought three hours internet time, so the rest of the evening is to be spent trying to contact Gary, Dana, Phillippa, Claire on Skype, so far without success! (except for Dana).

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