Thursday, 11 June 2009

De la Baie, Cavalaire-sur-Mer (ACSI2009-1274) N43.16954 E6.52966

Thursday 11th June 2009

Just a little bit for those of you who think we are just on one long holiday, it is more like just normal life, except we are doing it where ever, in France at present. So today (Thursday) we know we will be leaving tomorrow, and it is necessary to do some washing, and a little shopping. We still manage to fit in a drink or two, a nice cycle ride and a bit sunbathe (weather continues to be hot and sunny, with clear blue skies and temperatures of 27C plus).

We are quite surprised to notice that the site is quite full, and on most days, several people are turned away since there are no places available. We would have expected this in the “busy” times, ie July and particularly August, but this is not even mid June yet, and School holidays have not yet started.

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