Monday, 25 May 2009

Thursday April 9th 2009 to Wednesday April 15th 2009

Le Pont d’Argens, St Aygulf near Frejus (ACSI2009-1293) N43.40884 E 6.72511

We return to an old faithful. 

Probably not the best site in the area in terms of tidiness and modernity of facilities, but everything works and it is clean. But on the plus side there is a traffic free cycle track (once you have diced with death to cross the road at the site entrance. There is a big supermarket about five minutes away on a bicycle, and more importantly there is a church in St Aygulf because tomorrow is Good Friday and a visit to church will be a must for Kathleen. Another plus, if this is your thing, the beach can be reached via a gate at the rear of the site and part of the beach is for nudists. Don’t get too excited, all I have ever seen there is old men exposing their wrinkles.

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