Monday, 25 May 2009

Thursday April 16th 2009

Italia, Torre del Lago Puccini (ACSI2009-1586) N43.82905 E 10.27062

Today we actually enter Italy, so we are really on our way to Sicily. We have to pass by some busy areas, so contrary to our usual practice, we take the motorway. It is quite an amazing ride, here the mountains sweep right down to the coast and the motorway swoops along at some height from the coast, into tunnel after tunnel and over viaduct after viaduct. It sure is a major feat of engineering. But ultimately after you have seen numerous tunnels, and sweeping viaducts supported on spindly concrete legs as they sweep over steep sided valleys, it all becomes a bit boring. Eventually we arrive at Torre del Lago Puccini, and get ourselves settled in. The weather however is not on our side. We really should not have gloated about the weather to Bryan & Joan, it was not a good idea. Now we have torrential rain, the upside is that the site is good and it is not cold!

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