Monday, 25 May 2009

Friday April 17th 2009 - Sunday April 19th 2009

Camping Village Assisi (ACSI2009-1438) N43.07582 E12.57336

Although the site is good, and the area looks like good cycling country (ie nice and flat), we decide given the weather to push on South and see if we can get an improvement. So we head for Assisi, which Kathleen is keen to visit for the religious content if nothing else.

We arrive in sunshine, hurrah. Site is good, and runs a mini bus to Assisi. It is in cycling or walking distance, but it is a hill town and the hill is quite steep.

So we do both of course, first we walk most of the way there along a very pleasant path by a stream. The next day we get the bikes off the bike rack for the first time this trip and cycle to Assisi along a pleasant and quiet road. Finally we take the mini bus from the site and spend the day exploring Assisi. It is a beautiful place, obviously a bit touristy given its fame, but still pleasant and for the most part quiet. We stay until Sunday, so Kathleen can attend mass (at St Maria Maddaliena), and then on Monday, we will be off again, still south, this time to Rome (we are maxing out on Culture).

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