Wednesday, 19 July 2017

River Breamish Caravan Club Site

Tuesday, 18th July 2017

A short break, only an hours drive and approximately 50 miles from home, to hopefully speed Kathleen's recovery.

Yet another Hospital appointment yesterday, with the usual expectations of an appointment time, which means you arrive on time, then wait for an hour (or two), we assumed that Monday was a write-off, but, surprise, surprise, appointment actually happened spot on time. But, too late, by the time I rang to attempt to change our booking to include Monday, the site was full.

In common with most Caravan Club Sites, check-in is not before 13:00. 

The weather is beautiful, so, we decide to make the most of the good weather and stop off at Druridge Bay Country Park.

Very pleasant, plenty of free parking, a boating lake (bring your own boat!), walking routes, cycling routes and a Visitor Centre with cafe.

So, a two mile walk around the lake, in the sunshine, the morning is not wasted.

Entertainment is provided by a group of School Children who are on a "school trip" with two teachers to supervise. There is a male teacher, who clearly has a great interest in imparting a love of nature to the (not always receptive) pupils, and a female teacher, who I think, in a previous life was probably a Sergant-Major and kept everyone in-line.

If we had travelled directly to Powburn, our route would have been mainly major roads, A19, A1, A697, but, our detour means a cross country route, from Druridge Bay to Powburn, at least we see a lot of rural Northumberland. 

With almost perfect timing, we arrive at 13:15 at River Breamish Caravan Club Site, Powburn, Alnwick, Northumberland, NE66 4HY.

The site is a short distance off the main A697, far enough so that it is not possible to hear any road noise.

As you would expect, from Caravan Club, it is a clean and well maintained site.

Essentials are quickly done (EHU plugged in, also, there is TV plug in), and a quick lunch.

Bicycles unloaded and we cycle along the quiet lanes to explore.

Despite Kathleen's miss-givings (does that sound better than complaints?) about the surrounding hills, the cycle route follows the River Breamish valley and is easy going, we do a ten mile round trip, as far as Ingram Village, with some small detours to explore possible future routes.

By the time we return, the initial "miss-givings" have turned to enthusiastic self-satisfaction, perhaps Kathleen is on the road to recovery.

I am chef for the evening, but, easy-peasy, Marks and Spencer "two dine for £10", and, I get to drink the wine, plus, very little washing up! 

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