Friday, 21 July 2017

River Breamish Caravan Club Site, Powburn

Wednesday, 19th July 2017

We had glorious hot and sunny days, Monday and Tuesday, too much to expect that it would run to three in a row, this is Northern England! Cloudy but mild, with the possibility of a shower, is the forecast for today.

The plan is to take the bus to Alnwick (there is a bus stop approximately 20 minutes walk from the site).

Bus arrived on-time, driven by a very competent young lady who looked young enough to be a school girl, but, she whisked us along the country lanes, no problem.

A wander around Alnwick, doing the usual "day visitor" things, ie coffee and cake, inevitably, visiting the shops, Kathleen has her "retail fix". Lunch at the Market Tavern Pub and Steakhouse, very good indeed.

Return bus ride is with the school children, so, not so quiet!

Overall, a pleasant day out, and, we did not get rained on!

Thursday, 20th July 2017

Heavy, well, torrential actually, overnight rain, but, nothing like what other parts of the UK have had, so, not thunder, no hail stones and no flooding (here-abouts anyway).

By 08:00, cloudy, dry, and mild.

The weather forecast says it may rain at about 13:00, in an attempt to beat the rain, we are out, cycling by 10:00.

The plan had been to cycle to Wooler, about eight miles away, but, the Site Warden has told Kathleen that part of the route is off-road, and can be muddy. Given last nights heavy rain, this is enough to deter Kathleen, no sense of adventure!

As an alternative, we cycle along route 68, which is a tarmac surface, a small and quiet road in fact.

After two miles, it begins to rain, slightly, but, Kathleen is not deterred, we keep going.

Initially, we follow route 68, past Reavely, but, the hills are not to Kathleen's liking, so, we retrace our steps (or peddling) and instead cycle up the Breamish Valley, towards Linhope Spout, waterfall.

Following my usual procedure of telling white lies about how far is still to go, we pass Ingram, and make it almost to Hartside Farm, before my ruse wears thin, and Kathleen refuses to tackle the next hill.

My next ruse, explaining that it is not hilly, but undulating meets with a similar dismissal.

But, as the photographs show, we are rather high, onto moorland.

We freewheel, most of the way to Ingram Mill, to enjoy a cup of two and an enormous and delicious slice of Carrot Cake, in the village cafe.

Then, back to the campsite, just getting slightly wet, as the rain begins, to complete a respectable 11 miles.

A sterling effort by Kathleen, after her recent hospital stay.

Peddling along behind her, I gave my usual "encouraging comments" ie "stop talking and save your breath and keep pedaling". 

Friday 21st July 2017.

Home again.

Time to begin planning another trip!

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