Sunday, 13 March 2016

Garstang, Bridge House Marina and Caravan Site

Sunday 13th March 2016.

A beautiful sunny and mild day, can it last, can we be that lucky?

If you exclude a false start, because we forgot the loaf of bread, a fairly uneventful drive to Garstang. I say "we forgot" in a sense of collective responsibility, since, the selection and packing of food stuffs does not, strictly speaking, come under my remit. 

We arrive, at Bridge House Marina nd Caravan Site, just in time for a light lunch, the sun is still shining, it is, if anything, even more more mild here than at home, a very
comfortable 15C, positively tropical for the UK in March!

The site is small, which we like, and appears to be well kept and tidy, excellent.

In addition to the Caravan area, there is a Marina bursting with pleasure craft.

We make the most of the pleasant weather, a traffic free stroll along the Lancaster Canal for about half a mile, to Garstang Town Centre.

Here we discover are all of the "essentials", ie, no less than 8 pubs, two supermarkets and several restaurants. I almost forgot, Kathleen's number one requirement, a
Catholic Church (plus a couple of second division churches, just in case). 

We round off the afternoon with a glass of red wine, in the sunshine. 

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