Saturday, 19 March 2016

Walking, Eating and Drinking around Garstang

Friday, 18th March 2016

Oh dear, dull, misty and cold start, but, it soon clears for another sunny day.

The day is spent walking the canal (for six miles).

Followed by, drinking wine in the Farmers Arms.

In the evening, we watch a TV program telling us the dangers of drinking more than the new guidelines (ie 14 units per week).

Saturday, 19th March 2016

Cloudy. According to the weather forecast on breakfast news, the whole country is covered in cloud, so, I suppose that is OK. Not raining, and not too cold.

Lazy day, keeping out of harms way whilst hair washing etc is executed, followed by pleasant lunch in the Farmers Arms, then we "do" the riverside walk at Garstang.

Finally, a little shopping. carrying five bottles of wine (ie four in a carrier bag, plus, one inside you) for a couple of miles is heavy work!

My artistic(?) attempts at photography in the dark, as I walk to meet Kathleen walking back from Church.

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