Saturday, 3 October 2015

To Montbard

Saturday 3rd October 2015

Sadly, we have to begin thinking about making our way nearer to Calais, our ferry is a week today, early in the morning, if we are to avoid any long driving days.


Looks like another good day in prospect, as we leave Autun, for Mountbard, just over 50 miles north of here.


When we arrive at the campsite at Montbard (Municipal de Montbard, Les Treilles), it looks excellent. 

Very few people here.

Weather is beautiful, sunny 21C, but, the forecast does promise some cloud later this afternoon.
The helpful receptionist at the campsite gives Kathleen a town map, plus details of mass times this evening and tomorrow.

After lunch, two immediate chores to do, Find a shop to buy something for this evening, find the church(es) for Kathleen.

Below, is the view from "Eglise St Urse"

We find the churches, St Pauls and St Urse (the French have saints I have never heard of!).

St Urse, as you can see, is a particular challenge, up what feels like hundreds of steps, fortunately, for Kathleen, the Saturday evening mass is at St Pauls, so, no need to climb up to St Urse, twice.


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