Friday, 2 October 2015

Sightseeing in Autun

Friday 2nd October 2015

Thank goodness, the sun is back, another warm (20C) and sunny day.
After yesterdays lame excuse for sightseeing, we try again today.

First to the market, in the town square.

Kathleen manages to resist purchasing shoes and tea-towels, thus having enough money to by me a beer at lunch time.

We explore the remains of the Roman Theatre, where, no doubt, had Kathleen been here 2000 years ago, she would, as a Christian, either have been sold as a slave, (pity the unfortunate buyer, trying to make her do as she is told), or thrown to the lions.
Beside the ruins, there is a house, presumably built before plundering sites of historical interest was considered, not the done thing. 

It has original Roman Columns and statues incorporated in the fabric of the building.




Nearby is a large lake, with a Campervan Aire, on the shore.


Nearer to the campsite is this massive ruin, Temple of Janus, apparently.

IMGP3448 And, finally, an after evening meal cycle ride, to keep in trim.

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