Friday, 21 February 2014

La Buganvilla, Marbella Contd

Monday 17th February and Tuesday 18th February 2014

Well, it cannot be fun all of the time, or, so Kathleen tells me.

There are chores to be done.

Kathleen initially amuses herself cutting my hair.  I notice, no scissors are used, only the elctric shears, hopefully, with the correct number attachment! 

I note the hairdresser is not wearing her glasses, which is not very reassuring.

It turns out fine, but, a bit short, well, very short. But, as people do, when it is not their hair which has been shorn, Kathleen assures me "it will soon grow". 

After the haircut, cleaning the outside of the van, I have to admit, it is very dirty after our long journey.

Wednesday 19th February - Friday 21st February 2014 

I still cannot convince Kathleen she is safe on the back of the scooter, on the A7/N340, but, I settle into a little routine of riding about to explore, and, of course go shopping for essentials (wine, bread, beer...etc).

I learn a valuable lesson on my second outing, it is hot, so, I am tempted into riding along with my visor open. Disaster, a wasp smacks into my face. The next thing I observe, out of the corner of my eye, is the wasp walking along the edge of my helmet. I have to wait until I get to the supermarket,  wondering all of the way, if it is about to sting!, before I can take my helmet off and get rid of the damned thing. I will not be making that mistake again, visor firmly shut at all times from now on!

The weather continues to be kind, cool in the morning, but, by 10:30 a warm and sunny 20C.

We become regulars using the bus into Marbella, so we can walk the promenade along to Puerta Banus, with drinks and snacks enroute of course.

The bus service appears to be good, but, the timetable appears meaningless, buses just come when they come with no apparent relation to the timetable.

No matter where you go, the fare appears to be 1.18Euro each.

First impressions of this site were that it was somewhat restricted because of the busy main road, but, once you find your way about, there are several walking possibilities, each with scenic views, and of course pleasant bars to partake of necessary refreshment in the heat.


  1. Ken, as always, so funny.I kid you not, I read this blog with a big daft grin on my face. Happy aniversary

  2. Thanks Les, see you are scheduled to be in Spain soon, enjoy.