Thursday, 6 February 2014

Caceres - Continued

Sunday 2nd February 2014 

There has been an overnight frost, but, it is dry!, and sunny!

We fall into conversation with another English couple, Gordon and Kath (Kathleen, her Sunday name), who are also planning a trip into town on the bus.

It being Sunday, Kathleen attends mass at the first church we encounter, (Sant Mateo), whilst I wander the historic area of Caceres.

The old town is like stepping into a set from El Cid.

There are narrow winding streets and ancient buildings, including a "Lancelot Taverna", but, none of the bars or restaurants are open.

The mostly lively scene I encounter is a busker
playing Spanish Guitar music and signing, what is no doubt a very moving song, if I understood a word of it.

It is soon time to make my back to the church, to meet up with Kathleen, who, her duty done, is ready for coffee etc.

We wander back into the sun filled main square, where we again encounter Gordon and Kath, drinking coffee in the sunshine.

More exploring, so back to the old town, to wander the narrow streets and make the obligatory visits to the Cathederal of St George, which no longer appears to be functioning as a church, but now appears to be a museum, telling the history of the (Roman) Catholic Church (beginning with Jesus of course), and mounting displays of religious bric a brac.

We encounter a parade going on, I am not sure what the occasion is.

Having had our fill of cultural activities, we make our way back to the main square, here we meet up with Gordon and Kath again, and spend the rest of the afternoon eating and drinking in the sun.

It is a hard life, but, somone has to do it.

Monday 3rd February 2014

We had intended to stay here another two days (Kathleen cannot resist the "bargain" of getting a free night if you stay three nights), but, when we wake, it is raining (again!).

So, accordingly, we set off for Portugal, Quateira.

The Spanish have built a nice new motorway, south to Seville and beyond, (that is where at least some of those Euro's went in the financial crash). So, we disregard our planned route, via Evora and do the 300 miles, free motorway (almost) all of the way. At the Portuguese border, they have installed automatic Toll Machines for all non-Portuguese vehicles. What a cheek!

We arrive at Orbitur Quateira (N37 W4' 2" W8 5' 14"), it is an ACSI site, but, it is cheaper to use our Orbitur memebership card and we get ten nights for 100Euro. 

The scooter is unloaded, with the assistance of Kathleen and a very friendly French couple.

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