Wednesday, 2 October 2013

En-route to Bruges, first stop, Luxemburg

Tuesday 1st October 2013

We arrive near Luxemburg city, Alzingen, Bon Accueil (N49 34' 9" E6 9' 36"), an ACSI site. It is time for chores, clothes washing is the order of the day.

For some reason, there is a surplus of Brits here, in addition to ourselves, there is a caravan and 6 campervan's from Britain, they all seem to have been to Croatia!

Alzingen is only six kilometres from Luxemburg City, centre, and the bus to the centre stops just outside of the campsite.

Wednesday 2nd October 2013

I do not know if the weather we are experiencing here is typical for this time of year, but, it is decidedly odd. This morning, it is dry, but, very cold. By lunch time there is bright sunshine and a cloudless sky, it is warm enough to sit in the sun sunbathing.

We catch the bus into Luxemburg City. We meet another English couple from the site, at the bus stop. A very pleasant pair, Larry and Pauline, from Brighton.

We limit ourselves to the "old" part, and I manage to miss out all of the shops, a successful day.

It is a very pleasant place, clean, orderly and quaint.

My European history is not too good, so, I am not familiar with the recent past here. It is clear from various monuments that it was over-run by the Germans in both WW1 and WW2, but, it seems to have escaped major damage.

Clearly a very affluent place, but, there are a few beggars around, despite that.

Just goes to show I suppose, no matter what the circumstances, there will always be some who float to the top, and some who sink to the bottom of the economic and social pile.

We have a good wander around, taking in the sights and sounds, including of course, the inevitable Cathedral of Notre Dame, rounded off with a pleasant lunch.


  1. Hi Ken & Kathleen, Pauline & Larry the couple from Luxembourg. Hope this finds you well, glad you got home same and sound we have been back since 5th October. Miss being on the road, no plans yet as we still need our heating and hot water to be fixed - going in beg. of December earliest we could book. Made Dieppe after Luxembourg via Belgium - roads really badly pot holled spent two nights in a motorhome stopover on the beach near the town - weather quite warm and sunny - crossing also very smooth. Have a wonderful Christmas - hope we meet up again somewhere

    1. Hi Pauline and Larry, a VERY belated reply. Hope you are still well, and travelling. We certainly are! Take Care