Tuesday, 8 October 2013


Saturday 5th October 2013

We arrive at Bruges, just in time for lunch.

From the internet, I found a Stellplatz (or whatever the Belgians call them). It is relatively new which may explain why it does not seem to be in any of the books we have.

It is located at N51.19600635966311 E3.22573184967041 it is next to the coach park and it is within ten minutes walking distance of the city centre, through the Middelwaterpark.

The price is 22Euro per night, in “high season”, and 15Euro per night in “Low Season”. Low season starts 1st October. The price is inclusive of electricity. It may also be inclusive of the use of the service point, we are not sure, because when we were there, the service point was out of order!. Fortunately we had water etc already.

It is all very organised, with marked and numbered bays, and all very clean and tidy. Entry is via a barrier (you get a ticket, pay at a separate machine before you leave).

 It is clearly very popular, it quickly filled up at the weekend, slightly quieter on Monday.

There are actually two areas to the Stellplatz, one is on the same side of the road as the coach park, the other is on the other side of the road, ie on the left as you approach.

The area on the other side of the road to the coach park appears to be the better of the two, having larger bays.

Adjacent to the Stellplatz, is the Yacht Club and Marina, with the usual rows of very expensive boats, all neatly tied up and empty..

We spend the afternoon strolling around Bruges, it is very, very nice. Number one priority is finding a church with a mass for Kathleen, either this evening, or, tomorrow. It is another Cathedral job, 10:30 Sunday.

There are all kinds of things happening, a chap walking around on stilts,

a couple of people playing music and marching around with a flock of geese,

a group of young men strolling the streets in Victorian clothing,

a couple of guys riding about on motorised “surf” boards, playing Beach Boys music as they go, and,

a chap with a collection of birds of prey and owls.

That by the way, is all happening  on a Saturday afternoon, in the small square where we are sitting having  a beer (ZilverPlaat).

I wonder what it is like after closing time?

Sunday 6th October 2013

It is my birthday today, so, whilst Kathleen attends church, I explore possible eating places.

The end result is we spend most of the afternoon eating and drinking in the main market square, which has the dual advantage of being bathed in sunshine and having a plentiful choice of eating places.

A little more strolling around the old town, followed by more eats, Belgian waffles this time, while listening to three buskers playing classical music. Not sure I see what all the fuss is abou (the waffles that is), but, when in Belgium, you have to at least give them a try!

Back to the van, to receive birthday phone calls, while relaxing in the sunshine. Kathleen is not up for anymore exercise, so, she sits reading her book in the sunshine, whilst I explore the cycle track along the canal.

Monday 7th October 2013

Another beautiful day.

We cycle around the city, following the canal, mostly on a dedicated cycle track which is traffic free. We are on our way to Ostend, only another  26 kilometres to go, before Kathleen notices and calls a halt.

We pick up the city cycle track again, and cycle through leafy streets and parks, before arriving in the central square for  a much needed beer.

We cycle to the cathedral and park our bicycles, before buying our lunch (hot dogs, and chips) from one of the many take-away food stalls.

After lunch we take a boat trip around the canal within the city, it is amazingly pretty, and also amazingly old, much of it dating back to 1500 and before, all beautifully preserved.

Followed by more lazing in the sunshine, then, in the evening, cycling around the park for me.

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