Thursday, 26 September 2013

South West across Germany to the Rhine

Monday 23rd September 2013

Heading toward the Rhine or Moselle, not quite decided yet.

First stop is Gottingen, a very pleasant town, is our first impression..

We stay on a stellplatze. Badeparadies Eiswiese (N51 31'23" E9 55'46"). Very nice it is too. Almost empty when we arrive, but, by 17:00 almost full, as you can see.

We meet yet another couple of New Zealanders (France and Cynthia), who are now living in the UK, but, spend most of their time roaming Europe in a Campervan. France is of Dutch extraction, but went to New Zealand as a baby, with his parents. He thus has the luxury(?) of New Zealand, Dutch and EU citizenship.

A very pleasant evening, drinking red wine and comparing notes on the places we have visited.

Tuesday 24th September 2013

Kathleen is not feeling too well today, cold type bug symptoms, but, being a woman, she will not just stay in and keep warm and comfortable. As a dutiful husband, I cycle to the supermarket and buy her a bottle of whisky, so, she can have hot lemonade and whisky drinks.

We spend the day exploring Gottingen, by bicycle. This is all very enjoyable, cycle tracks everywhere. The cycle tracks even have traffic lights to control the flow!

I realise that Kathleen is probably not cut out for life here. Everyone abides by the rules, waits for the "little green man" before crossing the road etc, waiting is not really Kathleen's forte. The problem is, the local population obey the rules, and, assume everyone else will, so, when you get a "wild card" potential disaster beckons.

Wednesday 25th September 2013.

Mundane tasks have to be attended to, ie clothes washing etc,so, we head for a campsite.

Back to Eschwege, Knaus Campingpark (N51 11’ 29” E10 10’ 7”).

All washing done, and lunch over, we spend the afternoon, cycling around the lake, drinking beer in the sunshine, before cycling around the lake again, just for the hell of it. 

It is warm and sunny, but, autumn is definitely here, as can be seen from the colours of the leaves on the trees.

Thursday 26th September 2013.

We arrive Geisenheim, Am Campingplatz 1, (N49 58' 45" E7 57' 27"), an ACSI site.

We get a spot right on the banks of the Rhine.

Once parked, we cycle into Rudesheim, for a late lunch.

Rudesheim is a stopping off point for the river cruise boats which ply the Rhine, so, is a rather busy place, but, still very pretty, if you get away from the river front street.

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