Friday, 20 September 2013

Arrive at Berlin

Friday 20th September 2013. We leave, the plan being to make another stop over, between here and Berlin.

Berlin is approximately 230 miles away, so, we plan to stop off about halfway.

We head for a Stellplatz, featured in the German Stellplatz book. The place is called Brachwitz, near Halle.

What a place to find! We leave the excellent tarmac road, and travel about three miles along a narrow, cobblestone road.

Then we arrive at a ferry across a (not very wide) river. The ferry is just a sort of flat platform which shuttles back and forth across the river. 

Kathleen has visions of a Jeremy Clarkson (Top Gear) episode, where they ferried their cars across a river on a home made raft.

The chap who operates the ferry takes four euros for the crossing, and gives Kathleen instructions (in German), on how to find the Stellplatz. The only word I understand is "links" (ie left).

After several turning around adventures, we find the place. There are no other vans there, and, apart from a few houses, there is nothing there.

We decide to head for our second choice, about 20 miles further on, in the direction of Berlin. We find this with no difficulty, but, it is a Campervan Garage, there is no Stellplatz there.

We cut our losses and head for our third choice, this turns out to be a rather shabby lorry parking area.

We are not having much luck!

We eat lunch and decide to simply head for Berlin, it is another 90 miles or so.

We were advised by the English couple we met several days ago to use the Berlin-Spandau Stellplatz. In the book, there are two of course. We choose the one which is described as best for public transport to the city centre (Reisemobilhafen Berlin, N52 33' 12" E13 12'2"). The sat-nav takes us there effortlessly, apart from the pouring rain!

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