Monday, 2 May 2016

Bonding with Grandchildren and a Day at the Races

Sunday, 1st May 2016

Unusually for a Bank Holiday weekend, it is a warm sunny day!

We cycle along to Deddington, about two miles, Kathleen goes to church, whilst I sit drinking coffee, in Costa, and reading about "Celebrity" indiscretions, courtesy of the Sunday tabloids.

Lunch at Gary's and a day of playing dominoes, football, paper aeroplanes etc with Gabriel, plus of course paying attention to Salma.


Monday, 2nd May 2016

It is a Bank Holiday in the UK, so, naturally, it is grey and overcaste!

First we cycle into Windsor, so Kathleen can have a little retail therapy.

Next, we join Gary and family at the Windsor Racecourse family day.

First time I have been "to the races", quite a spectacle, if only it had been ten degrees warmer!

Nevertheless, it is incredibly well attended, with long queue for may of the children's activities, all of which are free! 

Mind you, the beer is £4.70 per pint, but, overall all, a good day out.

I may be wrong, but, I believe Kathleen and I are the only people to have arrived on bicycles!

Sadly, the English weather intervenes, and the rain comes down. 

We return to Gary's for a "goodbye" meal, we must return home tomorrow.

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