Sunday, 30 August 2015


I do not not enjoy the planning and preparation stage, fortunately, despite regular complaints, Kathleen is in her element organising and issuing orders.


During a lull in the proceedings, I did my usual, pre departure, inspection of the garden, I am not an enthusiastic gardener. My enthusiasm and interest are limited to sitting in the sun, glass of wine to hand, and looking at the garden.

True to form, the most impressive flowers this year, the sunflowers, are there by pure chance. I feed the birds with sunflower seeds, the birds, having appalling table manners, drop some, and, we get sunflowers scattered at random about the garden.

During our trips away, the garden has been left to fend for itself. Of late, daughter Claire has donned her gardening gloves and cut the grass etc, and, our neighbour, Steve, is kind enough to run the lawnmower over the grass between Claire's visits. 

This has made my task, of restoring order on our return, much easier.

So, with garden tidy, campervan packed, bicycles loaded (no trailer and scooter this trip), we are ready to go.

We have our usual sketchy plan:
  • a leisurely drive to Cambridge, on Tuesday
  • stop off at a Caravan Club CL on Tuesday evening
  • drive the remaining distance to Dover on Wednesday
  • catch our pre-booked Dover -> Calais ferry
  • drive to Baie de Somme to sleep, Wednesday evening
  • Thursday, find somewhere to stay en-route to Paris
  • Friday, meet up with brother Brian and his wife, Linda at Maison Lafitte, near Paris, where we have a pre-booked site
For us, this is actually very organised, in fact, I think it is the most organised we have ever been, usually, we have no more than our channel crossing booked.

Finally, I have been experimenting with a new format of blog (copied from a Caravanning friend, thank you Doug). I plan to update both versions of the blog on this trip, time permitting.

The new style blog can be found at

I will be interested to hear your opinion, as to which format you prefer, if you care to comment.

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