Thursday, 9 April 2015

Montrejeau, Camping Midi-Pyrenees, Pujols, Camping Lot and Bastides (April 4th - April 9th 2015 )

Saturday, 4th April 2015

Oh dear, a little rain today, but, it coincides with the most important day for weeks, it is hair dyeing day, so, no harm done.

Just to be clear, it is Kathleen having her hair dyed, and me, doing the dying.

Even if I say so myself, I have done a superb job.

Needless to say, with a morning spent dying, washing, drying, straightening the hair, there is no way Kathleen is going to put on either a cycle helmet, or a motorcycle helmet, so, no trips on the scooter today, or cycling outings, a gentle stroll is all.

Sunday, 5th April 2015

Fog this morning when we get up, have not seen fog since we left the UK in January.

By 10:00, the fog has cleared, the sun is out, and Kathleen is walking to church for Easter Sunday service. I have a few chores to do, before walking along to the bar in the square outside of the Church.

Monday, 6th April 2015

A crisp morning to leave Montrejeau, it is 0C and frost on the van at 08:00, but, the sun is up, and soon warms the place up.

Today, we travelling 126 miles north, to Pujols, near Villeneuve-sur-Lot, leaving the Pyrenees well behind us.

The whole journey in Video, if you cannot sleep! is below:

Part 1 of 22

Part 2 of 22

Part 3 of 22

Part 4 of 22

Part 5 of 22

Part 6 of 22
Part 7 of 22

Part 8 of 22

Part 9 of 22

Part 10 of 22

Part 11 of 22

Part 12 of 22

Part 13 of 22
Part 14 of 22

Part 15 of 22

Part 16 of 22

Part 17 of 22

Part 18 of 22

Part 19 of 22

Part 20 of 22, we encounter a cycle race!

Part 21 of 22

Part 22 of 22

It is a blissful drive, beautiful day, just about empty roads.

But, when we are almost at our destination, less than a mile away in fact, we encounter a cycle race.

They have the road closed off, we don't know it yet, but, this is to go on all day!

We are directed up a hill, at first, it looks good, a motorcycle, with flashing lights, leads us through, but, after a short distance, he pulls over and leaves us to wend our way through the cyclists and enthusiastic onlookers by ourselves.

It all looks very organised, I wonder if we will be on TV, gate crashing a cycle race? 

Eventually we arrive at Camping Lot and Bastides (N44 23'41" E0 41'13"), an ACSI site, only 12Euros.

By the way, for the un-initiated, a Bastide is a form of fortified French town or village, not the offspring of some roaming Knight, and the local milk-maid.

Soon I am preparing a meal, is there no rest?

Tuesday, 7th April 2015

Todays plan is to take the scooter and ride to the medieval village of Pujols.

It is not very far, in fact, we can see it from the campsite, but, it is at the top of a rather steep hill.

We are all ready to go, motorcycle jackets and helmets on, the damned scooter will not start, the battery is flat!

Change of plan, connect up the battery charger, and, while it is charging, walk the two miles into Villeneuve-sur-Lot.

There is a market in the main square, by good fortune, it is almost over.

Find a nice little café for lunch in the sun, bliss.

When we get back to the van, the scooter battery is charged enough to start it, and, we can go shopping (running out of beer).

Wednesday, 8th April 2015

Another beautiful day.

Today, we do yesterdays planned outing, ie take the scooter to the medieval village of Pujols.

Pujols is described in the Tourist literature as one of the most beautiful villages in France.

This is the view over Villeneuve-sur-Lot, from the top of the hill where the village stands, as you can see, it is rather high, which explains our desire to come here on the scooter, rather than walk up the hill!.

It is incredibly well preserved, and, it is very beautiful.

Yes, there is a but, I appreciated, if it was full of shops selling tourist tat, it would spoil it, however, there is a happy medium.

Although there are at least three cafes/restaurants, none are open, so, on this hot and beautifully sunny day, there is not even a place to have a drink and admire the surroundings!

There are two churches, almost as many churches a houses, people must have been very religious in medieval times!

Amazingly, one of the old properties has been converted into a Gite, it looks authentic medieval on the outside, all stone and half timbered, but, inside is modern and looks very comfortable.

After such a suitable dose of culture and history, we return to the van for lunch, then, we swap the scooter for our bicycles and explore some of the cycle tracks in the area.

A very pleasant 9 miles.

Thursday, 9th April 2015

A clear morning with frost on the ground again this morning, but, by 9:30, it is warm enough to sit outside.

A short shopping trip on the scooter, followed by a few chores, then it is time for having fun.

Yesterday, we explored the cycle track near the campsite, today, we set off to pedal to a village called Casseneuil.

It is a pleasant ride there, along a disused railway line, which has been converted into a cycle track.

Fifteen miles round trip.

Rather disappointingly, the village of Casseneuil, although it has some rather magnificent and ancient buildings, is a bit of a disappointment.

Very pretty, but, mostly Closed!

Never mind, there is a bar / café open, so, the essentials are catered for.

Amusingly, for those of you familiar with the musical Les Miserable, the Patron of the Café is a M. Didier!

We do manage to leave with all of our teeth and valuables intact however!


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