Saturday, 14 March 2015

Benicassim, Bonterra Park (7th March - 13th March 2015)

Saturday 7th March 2015

Sunny but cool this morning, only 17C as we set off on our 11.5 mile bicycle ride.

There are literally miles of good quality cycle tracks, so, it is easy to vary the route regularly.

By lunch time, the temperature is up to 22C, so, lying about in the sun, followed by bar-b-que lunch.

Tomorrow, another of our neighbours is heading for home. Sadly, John is here by himself, because his wife died last year. His wife actually became ill, whilst staying here last year, and subsequently died of a brain tumour within a couple of months of returning to the UK.

Rather brave of him to make the return trip, by himself, I think.

Tomorrow, there are plans to give him a bit of a send-off, drinks, nibbles etc, so, Kathleen is off to church this evening.

Sunday 8th March 2015

We squeeze in a short walk before, neighbour John's, leaving party begins at two o'clock, and, turns into real party.

Some of the women have been incredibly busy, and resourceful to provide an array of food. A cake, made by Sylvia, from stale baguettes, turns out to amazingly tasty. Sylvia is 76 or thereabouts, and of course comes from a generation who did not "do" waste food. In addition there is chocolate coated strawberries, delicious scones, dates wrapped in cured ham, sausages, olives, crisps, nuts, and or course, lots of wine.

By three o'clock, it is a multi national affair, with British, Germans, Dutch.

Monday 9th March 2015

A day of departures, John is away reasonably early heading for Alcossebre, to meet up with even more friends, before heading for home.

Our Dutch neighbours, Ria and Joop leave shortly after, heading for Cambrils, then home. Ria's hearty ground-shaking laugh will be a miss!

Tuesday 10th March 2015

A beautiful sunny day.

We cycle 16 miles along the coast, and are VERY good, only Orange juice at the bar!

I am very impressed with this photograph, taken by me, unable to see the screen on the camera, whilst riding one handed and looking back toward Kathleen, instead of watching where I was going.

There is an all male budding Folk / Country Western / Bluegrass group here, composed of two guitarists, and Banjo Player and a Harmonica player / Singer.

All are pensioners of course, re-living the 1960's, but, why not?

Kathleen has been asked to join them.

In true McCaffrey tradition of course, there has been no practice, no planning, just straight in at the deep end, after only one glass of wine.

So, Tuesday night, she made a "guest appearance", as their female singer, with a rendition of "House of the Rising Sun".

It went down very well.

Wednesday 11th March 2015

What an exciting day! But, not always for the best of reasons.

After our late night, last night, we were in the middle of a late breakfast, when we heard a loud crash, and, a shout for help.

We ran outside, to find a chap in the next row had fallen from a ladder, whilst cleaning the roof of his campervan.

The ladder had slipped, and, amazing though it may seem,  he had actually fallen through one of gaps between the rungs, not an easy feat, since he is rather a large man!

An ambulance was called, and, we stayed with him until help arrived. Fortunately, they were able to extract him from the ladder, without resorting to cutting equipment, and he was taken off to hospital for treatment.

Excitement over, we cooked bacon sandwiches and then went on our daily walk, 3.5 miles today.

Thursday, 12th March 2015

The good news is, Martin, the chap who fell off the ladder has no broken bones, "just" cuts and bruises.

A gloriously sunny day, we go cycling, 13 miles today, then, lying about in the sun, in the afternoon.

Kathleen has become so hooked on the cycling, she went out and spent 60Euro on cycling gear this evening!

Friday, 13th March 2013

Domestic chores in the morning, followed by a short (3.5 miles) walk along the coast.

A lunch time outing with neighbours Sue, Harry, Tony and Helen, to a Chinese Restaurant. A good meal, which cost an amazing 7Euro (£5.30) for three courses, plus a glass of wine (or a beer).

Oh dear, clouds have appeared, it looks as if it might rain, or, even thunder.

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