Saturday, 5 April 2014

Benicarlo, Camping Alegria Del Mar

Wednesday 2nd April 2014 -  Saturday 5th April 2014

Oh dear, it is overcast, no sunshine, worse, the weather forecast says it is going to be like this tomorrow too!

Have we moved north too early?

Looking on the bright side, it gives us the opportunity to explore, find the supermarket etc.

Things go from bad to worse, Thursday, it rains all day.

Friday dawns with the wind blowing fit to knock you off your feet, at least it has stopped the rain!

By Friday lunch time, wind has calmed to a gentle breeze and the sun is splitting the heavens, after a brief trip to by essential supplies, time to lie in the sun.

Kathleen gets busy introducing herself and, or course, gathering "the gen".

There are two French registered vans here, but both sets of occupants are English (OK, one is Welsh, so, I suppose I should say British). They are living in France, one pair (Tony and Barbara) in the Foix area of the Pyrenees, the other in the Limousan (Steve and Sue).

Now, I am not a dog lover, but, Tony and Barbara have a dog (Chloe) which hates cats. It does an excellent job of chasing any maurading cats. Suddenly, I am warming to Dogs!

Saturday brings a fine and sunny day, we cycle to Peniscola (about six miles along the coast). It all looks rather familiar, we have been in the area before, and have cycled in the opposite direction from Peniscola to Benicarlo.
The castle at Peniscola is, I believe, the location used to film at least one of the scenes in El Cid, for those of you old enough to remember the Charlton Heston version.

I suppose even the youngsters among you will be familiar with the film, from annual Christmas repeats.

The film crew of course had enough clout to have the cars removed from the scene, sadly, I did not.
There are impressive views from the castle walls, over modern Peniscola.

It is all very pleasant, not only the castle itself, and of course the obligatory churches, but also the old town, within the castle walls, which is a maze of small streets, lined with tapas bars.

I am not sure how authentic this is. 

IMGP2728 I would think if the place was like this in the castle's hey-day, the defenders would have been permenantly too drunk and full of food, to do any defending! 

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