Saturday, 23 March 2013

St Jean-de-Luz, La Ferme Erromardie (Contd)

Thursday 21st March 2013

A warm and sunny day, great.

Walk into town, spend most of the day productively, sitting in a pavement bar in the main square, watching the world go by and drinking chilled Rose Wine. The rest of the day we wasted buying vegetables and fruit to eat in the evening.

We discover there is another part to the site, and find another English couple there, they are heading South into Spain (Valencia). Then, two more English vans arrive in the evening, and park next to us. One is heading home, the other heading south.

Friday 22nd March 2013

Fine for most of the day, but, by evening a thunderstorm rolls over with quite heavy rain.

Mundane tasks still have to be done, so, this morning is spent washing clothes and hanging them out to dry.

We also need to do a bit of shopping for essentials, ie wine. We are told by one of the English chaps we have met, there is a Carrefour supermarket, about a mile away.

IMG_0518 After lunch we set off to find it, 1.6 miles there, according to my phone, so clearly we did not follow the shortest route. Did spot this amusing variation on "Beware of the Dog" sign.

On our return route, we encounter a Gypsy camp, all very neat and tidy, unlike those usually encountered in the UK, with a group of children who are able to beg for money, cigarettes, and sweets in three languages, very impressive. Only 1.3 mile back.

Saturday 23rd March 2013

The other two English vans next to us depart, one heading home, the other heading to Portugal, so we may encounter them again. The chap heading home is a lover of (cheap) red wine, like myself, he leaves me with a few recommendations from Lidl Portugal, chiefly one called Baron von Cega.

After a doubtful start, the day is warm and sunny, so a day of lazing in the sun. The plan in the evening is to walk into town, eat, then Kathleen is going to church.

The plan does not work, we find there is no where serving food at 5 o'clock in the afternoon. So, we have to settle for enormous sandwiches from a take away sandwich shop, which we eat sitting in the town square. This followed by beers in a pavement cafe in the town square.

There is some kind of event going on, people dressed up in black costumes and wearing red neckerchiefs are singing and playing guitars in a bandstand in the middle of the square. Not sure if it is someting to do with Easter perhaps?

After church we walk back along the cliff top in the dark, lucky we took torches!

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  1. Got your txt kathleen.hope you had a lovely Easter in Fatima.Such a wonderful place to have your Easter celebrations, I am so pleased you got there in time.We have had lovely sunshine for easter ,but it is still very cold.Lynn & Anthony are at chris &nickys for camerons christening,he was baptised today.Albert is behaving himself, he was very smart in his suit at church thursday friday & soon luv u both x